2013 March

Creative Leaders versus Authoritative Leaders

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes This chart represents a summary of the kind of creative leadership that is rising — and needed — in the face of our increasing interconnectedness due to global economies, mobile devices, and social See on www.linkedin.com

Positive Psychology and Happiness at Work

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes Do you derive happiness from your work life? Do you embrace small successes – or do you find that you push yourself harder and harder to achieve more and more – without ever feeling a sense of See on www.linkedin.com

My micro-managing boss has now become a jerk, too

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes When there’s a behavior change, always stay on the look out for a reason See on www.cbsnews.com

Five Practices to Enhance Your Problem-Solving Mindset

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes A growth mindset also means we need a problem-solving one. Solving problems is what makes us a better leader, team member, and citizen. See on www.thindifference.com

5 Weird Habits That Make People Successful And Awesome

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes Yes, we all need to heed our callings, follow our north stars, and not settle for a jobs, but pursue careers.Thing is, during anyone’s career, sometimes it gets weird–and getting weird can pay off. See on www.fastcompany.com

When a Valuable Lesson at Work Became an Invaluable Lesson in Life

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes Several months ago, walking to my car on the way home from the office, I was reflecting on a couple of moments from that day in which I was able to demonstrate compassionate management. It reminded See on www.linkedin.com

Why “Hire Slow, Fire Fast” Is A Better Idea Than You Think

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes I recently read Danny Boyce’s piece in Fast Company titled, “Why Hire Slow, Fire Fast Is A Bunch of BS .” As someone who has worked both in corporate America and has launched a startup, I respectfully disagree.I remember the first time I ever had… See on www.fastcompany.com

Trust is the killer app – Winning by Sharing

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes we_sell_openness_RBS_600 v2 Originally uploaded by ixtlan A timely extract from Winning by Sharing circa 2004 on the importance of Trust. See on winningbysharing.typepad.com

How Criticizing in Private Undermines Your Team

See on Scoop.it – Holistic Talent Management To increase accountability, don’t only deliver criticism behind closed doors. See on blogs.hbr.org

Great Leaders Use Honesty to Help Their Successors

See on Scoop.it – Holistic Talent Management How does a revered boss hand over the reins? See on blogs.hbr.org

How 4 potent forces will change your career & life

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes Four relentless forces are creating a perfect storm that will alter how you get hired, fired, pitched, tracked, and rated. (Yes, you will be rated – by just about everyone.)Michael Hinshaw and I See on www.linkedin.com

Performance Management – Breeding Thoroughbred Leaders

See on Scoop.it – Holistic Talent Management There is a reason why champion horses win. It’s because they are given undivided attention. Not whipped. Champions shine because they are nurtured. People are no different.If you were training See on www.linkedin.com

Why Organizations Are So Afraid to Simplify

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes We may want to hit the “off” button on costly and complex activities, but we’re wired to do the opposite. See on blogs.hbr.org

Your Career Success Hinges on One Word — Do You Know It?

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes There’s one career decision that separates those who get remembered and have a major impact on the world from those who get forgotten.And sadly, 99% of people will go through life never See on www.linkedin.com

The Art And Science of Performance Reviews

See on Scoop.it – Holistic Talent Management Performance reviews are the HR ritual that everyone dreads.Brain science shows that positive or negative, the way in which that review gets delivered can be a boon or a curse. If a boss gives even a See on www.linkedin.com

Proof: Babies Can Be Jerks

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes Those mean girls might have been mean infants too, new research says. See on www.mentalfloss.com

Is Fear Stopping You from Starting a Company?

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes You’ve done what you were supposed to do. You got a great degree. You landed your first job. You’ve now been promoted a few times. And you’re now hanging on LinkedIn like every good professional See on www.linkedin.com

Be Happier: 10 Things to Stop Doing Right Now

See on Scoop.it – Personal Development Enablers Sometimes the route to happiness depends more on what you don’t do. See on www.inc.com

SXSW Killed My Inbox Zero: Email Lessons From The Front Lines Of Tech(sas) – Forbes

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes I returned to New York from Austin Texas to an inbox overflowing with garbage. Yes, I had my iPhone with me during the five days of South by Southwest Interactive and yes, I tried to delete every dumb email as it came, but still I wound up drowning. See […]

How To Use Social Media For Employee Engagement | Likeable Media – A Social Media and Word of Mouth Marketing Firm

See on Scoop.it – Different Strokes See on www.likeable.com

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